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Session Information

PLEASE READ all of the information on this page before considering having a one on one session.

To Prepare for YOUR Sessions, Drink Lots of Water before and After your scheduled Session time.

Laying down with your eyes closed and making sure you won't be disturbed for the ONE HOUR Session time is beneficial.  

PLEASE Book your Sessions when you have lots of time to relax afterwards.  

This may mean overnight for you if you have a busy daytime Schedule.  

Within 48 hours after your scheduled session you will receive an Mp3 about your session.

For emergency Healing sessions, you will not receive an MP3.  


Current Sessions Special

Special from September 20th till December 21st 2017 

Donate for any 2 Activations (as Energy Exchange)

and Receive:

ONE additional Healing Session


Donations, Energy Exchange and Sessions

Scheduling your session is done After your donation is received.

An appointment time is usally arranged within 2-3 weeks of your donation.

All Sessions are One hour in length.

Below is the List of Sessions available. 

Donations are Made by the Secure Pay Pal Button.  

Please designate this as a Gift On Pay Pal. 



Suggested Donations:

Activations $111

Healing Session $60 

Light Transmissions $40 





YOU have Support for your Transformation and Healing

through Listening to my Youtube Audio Activations, Initiations and Frequency Transmissions, 

And through reading my Activated Writings, and soon through the Live Stream Video Activations. 

 One Hour Sessions are ONLY for those that feel Strongly, 

they would LIKE the Additional One on One Help. All Sessions (including above Youtube, etc.)

move you deeply into your Heart Space and into your own Divine Presence.

Your Ascension is About that.

You living in your Own Heart Centered Divine Presence.

Donations are accepted as energy exchange.

You Are Already a Divine Ascended Being. You are simply embracing now, All That You Are.

Eternal Love, L'Aura 



Pleiadian Divine Ascended Being ~ Presence* Activation 
This is an Initation and Activation into Your Highest Source Self, Your I AM PRESENCE. You will be immersed in your Original Soul Star Matrix, for the entire Hour. This will shift your Frequency. Individual experiences will vary, based on your current frequency and awareness level. This is YOU as the Ascended Being ~ that you already ARE. 
$ 111 Suggested Donation 

Pleiadian Angelic Human Activation

Activate the Codes of Light in Your DNA for The Sacred Remembering and Embodying of You as an Angelic Human.

Your Original Blueprint Holds the Keys to Bringing Forth the Angelic Human ~ You.   

$111 Suggested Donation 


Pleiadian Star Seed Activation 
Activate the Codes in your Original Blueprint into Your existance Now,
from an existance from other Planets, Civilizations, or Universes.  
$111 Suggested Donation

 Pleiadian Blueprint Activation

 The Pleiadian Blueprint Activation will Activate the Codes of Light in yourOriginal Blueprint, 

and Shift your Frequency bringing forth a Profound Life Transformation, as Guided by your Soul.  

$111 Suggested Donation 

Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Activation
The Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Activation will Awaken your
12 strand Holographic DNA.


$111 Suggested Donation







Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation

The Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation Balances and Unites the Feminine and Masculine within YOU.  

Deep Love and Union move deep into your Life and Awareness.  

$111 Suggested Donation  

Pleiadian Healing
 The Healing Sessions are for those of YOU that Need Help in the Natural Healing Process.
You choose your Healing Focus. 
$60 Suggested Donation

The Pleiadian Light Transmissions

 Light TRANSMISSIONS are Daily Light Frequencies One on One Directly to you. 

You choose the Focus.  You can REQUEST  help in specific areas.  

$40 Suggested Donation

Donations~ Gracefully Accepted