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About The Hourly Divine Ascended Being Activation 

The New Transmission/Activation for the New Humanity, will be the New stepped up Frequencies (Higher Dimensional Frequencies) anywhere from 4th Dimensional Frequencies to 10th Dimensional Frequencies (depending on your antenna, the frequencies you are ready to receive) and titled: (not because it has a name, it doesn’t)

“Divine Ascended Being Activation”  ( This is a reference to the YOU that you are transforming into, and what this Activation is FOR.)


EVERY HOUR  at 11 minutes after the hour, the Activation for Humanity will begin. 

Every 33 minutes after the Hour the Transmission/Activation for Humanity ~ Divine Ascended Being ~ will be completed for that hour. 

This will take place every hour, 24 hours a day. 

BEGINNING at 11 after the hour and completing at 33 after the hour. 

This NEW Activation for the New Humanity ~ “Divine Ascended Being” will Begin at:

12:11 ~ 12:33 Saturday March 5th 2016.


The Ascended Divine Being Hourly Activation has Started. 


Every 11 after the Hour (AST)
Till 33 after the hour, You Receive the Activation/Transmission. 


You ~ As the Divine Ascended Being.  



Dearest Ones so many of you wonder about the shift occurring on Planet Earth. There is talk of ascension which is an expansion of consciousness. What you may not be aware of is the Illumination. Dearest Ones as you begin to transform into higher frequencies your cells and DNA become more and more Illuminated. As you begin to be able to carry more and more light in your DNA and cells you will begin to emit light. There are many levels to this. One level involves the shift in your cells to be able to hold greater amounts of Light. The transmissions of frequencies to you from the Pleiadian Delegate increases both your ability to hold greater and greater amounts of Light and to advance in your level of consciousness; to become illuminated and experience ascension.

We are the Light-Keepers for the 6th dimension, and hold THE frequency and the LIGHT-CODES for both your illumination and ascension. Within your Original Blueprint are the Codes waiting activation. At these higher frequencies Grace enables you to transform with ease. Many still speak of the difficulty in their transformation, and encourage people to be aware of the work that is needed and the struggle to do this. Please remember Dearest Ones this "work" only exists in the linear. As you advance in both illumination and ascension (Light and Consciousness) you step out of the linear frequency and begin to act with an expanded awareness in consciousness and through the Lens of Light.

We have held the "Vision" for humanity for "Eons" of time. The Vision is one of "Grace" for both your illumination and ascension. The Higher frequencies held for you have always been Grace. There is no efforting at these frequencies of Light.

We too are expanding in Light throughout your Universe as well as in other Universes.

We are transmitting to you now frequencies of Light held for you with Love and Grace throughout eternity.


The New World
Dearest Ones, The New World you are so desiring is soon upon you, in truth it already exists. We in your future are with you in the Now already.  So it is simply your consciousness that is experiencing what your perceive as your current state of reality. Focus on this New Earth, and the gifts of this Blessing are yours now.  Your New world is far more beautiful than you can imagine with your current state of consciousness. We desire you awake fully and move in this awakened state to this New Reality effortlessly.  The leap may appear too huge an undertaking to take, in truth it is no effort, because all is consciousness and all is One already. You are not recreating yourself, you are remembering your true self. You are Source! You are Loved! You are not alone!  Love and Bliss to all of you.

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The Limitless Realm of all Possibilities

Dearest Ones, Children of Light, feel our Eternal Love for you NOW.

We have held the Vision for You throughout eternity. So many speak of their limitations. Remember limitations are Only seen through the eyes of the linear dimension.

Your Eternal Soul has no limitations. As you shift in frequency you shift your awareness and DNA to the Union with your Divine Self.

In that frequency of Oneness you are Limitless. Do you hear us?

Do you know you are Limitless NOW?

Your Eternal Self is and always will be Source.

We transmit to YOU as you read these words, Light Frequencies, Source Frequencies that are UNION. They bathe your awareness, perceptions, and cells in the Highest Frequency of Diamond Light.

Divine Love as Light Frequencies surround you Now Dear Ones. You are and always will be embraced throughout Eternity in Divine Love.

 Eternal Life

Dearest Ones,

Please open your Heart to receive this message of Light Frequencies transmitted to you now. You know and understand deep within your Heart you are an eternal Being of Light. To remember this move your awareness deep into your Sacred Heart Space. In the center is the One Heart. Feel the current of Life that flows deep within you now. Your existence as individuated Source lives on into infinity, you are ever-expanding and everlasting. There is no death, there never was. In the linear there is fear of non-existence. In eternity there is no time. All is Now. As you are shifting in frequency, the patterns of vibrations that held your perceived past and future ALSO shift. Movement and flow in the Eternal Light of Source bathes your awareness in the Now. I hold all of you in the frequency of Diamond Light. Feel these transmissions in your Heart throughout eternity. Eternal Love & Grace.