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Testimonial Pleiadian Activation


I really feel strongly that it is no accident I discovered you and requested an Activation from you since I truly feel my mission here is so incredibly relevant. I do feel I have been woking with the Galactic Federation of Light and my own Star Family but as of yet still indirectly. So this information from you through the Activation process is beautifully received as it is much more concrete, direct and clear information. Very valuable for me and I am so incredibly grateful to you!!! I will keep you updated! Thank you so much, All my Love to you, Laura, Azoora!”

Stephanie, California

"I was introduced to Laura by a mutual friend. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Laura in person as I live in the US and she lives in Canada. To describe her with one word, it would be Love. She seems Angelic to me and is very insightful and powerful. During my Pleiadian Activation session, she was able to remove an Etheric webbing that had most likely been there for many lifetimes. I'm extremely impressed by her ability to get to the source of the matter.
She has also been supportive as I've moved through this challenging period of my life. I feel very lucky our paths have crossed in this lifetime. Many thousand thanks!"
Katherine D. Wisconsin, US

"During my first Pleiadian Activation I was very relaxed and calm. I felt my arms and hands begin to tingle and they both felt swollen. My upper lip began to tremble and I also had what felt like electricity burst out of both eyes and ripple across my face. Afterwards I felt very relaxed like I had smoked pot. I felt stoned for the rest of the day. I was really light on my feet. It was a peaceful experience. For the three days afterwards I had a terrible headache that eventually passed. I was really relaxed and calm and felt more present during the day. One of the biggest changes I noticed with myself is that I am more present. I am content. After I had my second Pleiadian Activation I began feeling the most beautiful feeling. It feels like pure joy is settling in my throat and heart chakras. It is pure Bliss! It is unlike any feeling I have ever had before. I highly recommend Pleiadian Activations to anyone who is looking to change and better themselves. I have been blessed to have met Laura!"

Lots of Love!

Rosanna, NS, Canada

"I had my first energy alignment with Laura at a distance, (now called Pleiadian Activation). I remember feeling as though a rubber band were being pulled at my neck area. I have had a chronic injury in this place for 5 years. She later told me that she noticed my aura pinched in at this spot and she was strectching it out. I have used Laura's energy healing in conjunction with Psychosomatic Energy Testing and I can't believe the shift I have noticed in myself. I met Laura in person a few months later for a second session. (Being in her presence is very calming and comforting) After only 1 year of this energy work, I feel like a more effective version of myself. I now am able to speak my truth almost effortlessly. New opportunities keep presenting themselves to me that move me in the direction of my true purpose. I used to have a lot of fear about these opportunities, but that is no longer the case. I am trusting and confident now in what I have to offer."

Kim, Mississauga, ON 

"After suffering from an eating disorder for years, I sought out energy healing. I was told that my solar plexus chakra (governing self worth and perspective) was out of balance. After working on that area for a year or so, I had my first energy alignment with Laura (now called Pleiadian Activation). I felt a new sense of happiness and bliss for days afterwards, and over time, I felt all of my self worth issues vanish, and I became more loving towards myself and others. Much more confident as well. The most dramatic instant change in my energy field I experienced was during my third Pleiadian Activation. I had just begun a new relationship, and I was pouring all of my energy into stabilizing this new connection. Not realizing what I was doing to my aura, I began to feel excessively tired with headaches and polarized emotions. Laura suggested that I come see her from reading my energy. Immediately before she began the session, I experienced moments of laughter followed by an outburst of crying. Then I felt simply drained. My chakras at my throat and feet were "capped off" Laura explained, and that my energy was not flowing, it had built up causing the neck pain and headaches. In the half hour on the table I experienced immediate and full healing. I could feel all the pressure releasing from my neck, shoulders and crown chakra. I could feel my body relaxing dramatically. Laura explained there was an electrical energy tightly wrapped closely to my body in my aura. It was only after the session, that I realized how unbalanced I was prior to it.  After the session Laura advised me to make sure that I stay focused on my own energy, and to picture the flow of my own energy going through my feet and crown chakra. I've been doing that every day since, and I feel wonderful! I cannot thank Laura and Azoora enough for all the brilliant teachings, guidance and healing! I am eternally grateful, and I send them love and light!"

Hillary Ferguson, NS, Canada


Good Morning Laura!

I've had a great couple of days thanks to you! I feel so relaxed and at peace. I had a strange pressure in my throat Friday and Saturday. But it's not there today. I have more energy.

We saw a gorgeous, vibrant rainbow while we were driving back last night from Port Joli. Even my husband commented on how vibrant the purples were. It was so tall and so bright. The sunset was amazing too. I find I'm noticing so much more in nature now. I feel like parts of me are waking up. Thank you for taking the time with us on Friday. We all really appreciate it, I have some friends who are interested in an activation now. I will give them your web site info. Thanks again. Love, Tess NS, Canada.

We Are One with Source
Although my experience is beyond what humans would call normal or even real, it is my conscious reality, and very real to me. In January 2001 I began a series of inititations which included Visions from Source, and meetings with Beings in different frequency dimensions. Most humans in physical bodies, come into the body they are in through the birthing process. I incarnated into the body I occupy, through a process called a walk-in.
The Pleiadians that I am One with exist with me, in the realm of all Possiblities. The Pleiadians are merging with this realm and we are merging with them. We are all One with Source.

We are the Pleiadian LightKeepers for the 6th Dimension. We are a Group of Nine. We hold the frequency for the Activation of Blueprints and DNA from Source. We are speaking now and hold the frequency for your remembering. We are One, and hold this frequency for you. The One who is commissioned as the Delegate of the Pleiadians, holds this frequency of the Oneness.  She is here with Us, and we are with her on Earth.
 We are One and the Same Frequency.

 Pleiadian Blueprint Activation Testimonial

Wow! THAT was certainly a mind-blowing experience! Whenever I get into the Higher frequencies, I have registers in my body, My head will move back and forth, my shoulders will move around, my hands and fingers will wiggle, etc. This was like that On Steroids! LOTS of movement, then calm, then more movement then more calms. Toward the end, It was like I was having multiple orgasms, but without the sensation in the vagina during sex. My pelvis would contract, hips would buck up, my back would arch, and I was breathing heavy. Also, I was trying NOT to cry out since I was at Work! HAHAHA! Thank you so much Laura for taking me to another level!!! Wow Wow Wow. I Love you! Suzannah, US

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 Healing Testimonial


After only 2 sessions and at a distance, I have noticed a marked improvement in my daughter's (8) anxiety. This is definitely working! She has been much more comfortable and easy to get along with. This shift is amazing. We took her rock climbing today. 2 weeks ago she would have whined, complained and been much reluctant to try it. But she jumped right in and loved the experience! We all enjoyed ourselves and there wasn't a moment of frustration. Thank you so very much from all of us! K.B. Ontario

Pleiadian Healing Session

"Thank you for that Laura..sounds absolutely wonderful. It was a lovely relaxing and peaceful healing session for me, although at the same time I sensed there was a lot going on. I saw lovely colours of red, orange, yellow and green to start with and my favourite blues to finish. I "heard" the words "Stay with us, BE with us" and "don't forget to breathe".  It was comforting. Joy, England UK

Dear Laura, Namaste!

Thank you for your service! At an early point during the Activation I definitely felt that tightness on my knees to my ankles and I felt that I needed to place my hands on my knees for 9 seconds to help the flow there, and later I saw in my third eye and felt radiating out through my head a beautiful golden light, and I also saw and felt the cocoon of electric blue light like a grid of tiny spheres of blue light around me, in fact I described it to Maria in those same words before even seeing your email. Blue has been my favourite color since I remember and I have always seen and felt, when consciously breathing in meditation, spheres of violet light that project through my third eye. Throughout the Activation I could feel higher vibrational energies, and upon rising about half an hour later I felt wonderfully energized and renewed! Thank you again, Laura!!!

God-Love, Light and Fire!!!

S.S Mount Shasta, CA



"I can't prove it, but after 2 Energy Alignments with Laura, (now called Pleiadian Activations) I believe that I've been manifesting more of what I want, and also recognizing sometimes I need to ask! The manifestations are synchronicities, and "knowing".  Even very mundane things like winning 2 high scoring Scrabble games in a row when I am the worst player in the group, and in a 7-letter "bingo" word in both games when my words are never more than 4 or 5 letters. But I asked, before I went to the game!"
Leslie, Jeddore, NS
"After I had my first Pleiadian Activation, I was confused with simple things, like spelling words, which I was told could happen during the first few days. What was the most impressive thing was the need I had to bring light into areas of the rooms in my home that were darker than the rest. I would walk into a room and knew that a mirror needed to be put in a certain place and that it had to be changed immediately. A picture had a frame that was too dark, and other similar situations, had to be changed right away.  I still Have this happening, though not as often.  I also had to rearrange furniture because I felt the moment I walked into the room that the arrangement was wrong. These feelings or impressions have inspired me to make my home lighter and brighter and more happier. I also have realized the need to end some relationships that I have not been comfortable in, but was unsure how to deal with the situations. I have more confidence deciding what is best for my life, and for that aspect and the others I mentioned I  am thankful Laura was brought into my life. I had my second Pleiadian Activation a few days ago, and I'm quite excited to see what changes are coming my way ." 
Becky, NS, Canada

 Pleiadian Blueprint Activation

"HI Laura, I received strongly at the 10:15 point that our session was over.; I stayed lying down till 10:25. I hope you didn't find it challenging to battle my mind too much-I realized shortly after lying down that I was hungry! Hard time focusing as a result, lots of mind chatter.

Impressions as follows:

As we began I saw you taking my hands and together placing them and your hands on an orb that was described auditorally to me as a "distant sun", yet it was not a precise description. I took this to mean the Pleiadian Central Sun. I saw the Pleiadian society and your plethora of friends; I saw you on a throne (perhaps figuratively speaking, perhaps not) among them. You are a priestess of sorts I gather. There was tremendous Joy!

I saw a woman with a dominant male-ish energy of wisdom about her-her aura was very tall-dressed in purple robes and a turban at the foot of my bed ( which is my bed in terms of perspective third dimension; really the impressions I received lacked the space and context as a feature of higher dimensions). These qualitites (purple, tall, turbaned) have before described a guide I have channeled from the earth plane, whom I know only as"Indian Friend", but I am not certain this was him or another dimensional snapshot of him. He is, from the earth plane, of Indian subcontinental ethnicity.

I saw myself being lifted from a table and worked on surgically by the Nibirians. I saw the Nibirians; they were 3 feet tall-ish, webbed feet, scaled. I have a close friend who is male-female polarity. I saw us swimming in the water, myself and my friends. My energy there, as it is here on earth, is young and girlish. There was tremendous Joy!

From what I understand I live in an underwater cave, and most of our society is in this labryinth network of caves, although perhaps I was just observing the nature of life underwater; I presume it is thusly for all aquatic animals.

I saw streams of Golden Light emanating from my crown, and I saw the colours deep indigo and a few other colours. That is all I remember now though more will surely come. Thank you!"

Megan, Edmonton, Canada.

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