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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Will any treatments or medications interfere with my Pleiadian Activations or Healing?

A. Continue with any treatments and medications you are taking, they will work in Harmony with Pleiadian Activations and Healing.

Q.    What can I expect to feel during my Pleiadian Activation?

A.You may feel slight sensations which can vary to intense vibrations throughout your entire body. You may see Visions, and see Light. Each person is unique in their awareness and experiences.

Q.   How long do  the Pleiadian Activations and Healing treatments take?

A. One hour long.

Q.   Do I have to see you in person for a Pleiadian Activation or Pleiadian Healing?

A. You do not need to see me in person. There is no distance in Source Frequency.


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  About L'Aura & the Pleiadians  

Q.   What is a Walk-in?

A. A walk-in is an incarnation that simply walks-in to a Body. There are different types of walk-ins.  

Q.    Does any of this have to do with 2012 and the Shift?

A.  2012 and beyond is a powerful time for the shifting of frequencies on the earth. The Pleiadian Activations will help to shift your frequency and awaken you to yourself as Source.

                   About Walk-in Incarnations
Q.   What happens to the walk-out when the walk-in Soul enters the body?
A.Every agreement and contract is unique. It is fully agreed upon. A full Soul exchange is the Soul fully leaving the body, as in crossing over, instead of the body experiencing a death, the New Soul takes  over the body. 


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