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About L'Aura 

L'Aura exists In Divine Union with All Dimensions of Reality ~ and Being.  Including the So-Called Future Timelines and Parallel Worlds of Being since Walking into Form~ Consciously. Visitations with Beings from Other Worlds, from different Planets and Frequency Dimensions, all make up the daily normal experiences for L'Aura.

Healing, Guiding, and Activating people into their own awareness of their own Unique individuation, as Divine Union, through Harmony, as part of each Persons Original Soul Incarnation Blueprint, is what L'Aura is On Earth to do. Guiding all to the Eternal Sacred Light of Being of their Soul. She is a representative of a different Time Space Continuum, the Pleiades, and although this may seem impossible to most, this is very normal to her. Her Eternal Love is Ever Present in her Presence. Her message is Eternal Love and Union with Source. She co-exists as Pleiadian.  On Atlantis she was given the Mantle Queen of Light by the Lord Melchizedek. She surrounds the Universe with the Magnetic Presence of the Great Central Sun. And is Holding All of Humanity in the Sacred Being, Full Circle, The  Return to Union, Heaven on Earth, Paradise Again, through the Heart. 

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